Machine Xenochrony

The Life Of An Apocalyptic Organism

26 March
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Born in Utah, Salt Lake City Raised in Washington, D.C. and the surrounding suburbs until I was 11 Then moved to West Palm Beach, FL Saw most of Florida along the way When I reached 15 I flew around the continent ended up in Seattle, Then western Minnesota, then North Carolina Then went to New Jersey in 2002 Visited NYC several times, I saw Boston, Cambridge and Springfield Massachusetts. I was spending some time in Georgia. I have been in Pittsburgh since 8/18 making lots of friends yet still depressed about the place.Thinking of moving to Alameda county CA next year. My big dream would be to be an international scientist/activist I wish I had homes in California, Germany and China. I am geeky, shy, impulsive, diverse, shocking, creepy, wicked, bold, selfish, devoted, poor, resourceful, jaded, plays the fool, is a fool, I am that guy in the back of the coffeehouse hustlin his ass to make you think we have something in common, I am the guy who drinks beer from dumpsters, I make all my male friends annoyed and my female friends confused. I am the guy in the back of the bus staring at you waiting to say something. I am the guy who calls you and then you say you want to meet me 5:30 in the morning I am the guy who waits 2 hours just to see you show up.I am the guy who knows when he has been lied too after waiting two hours and not seen.I am the guy who never calls you again. I am the guy that people talk behind his back. I am the guy you talk to behind other peoples back. I am the guy who respects public property if I use it. I am the guy who steals the wallet out of your car if you insult me. I am the guy who never fights in public. I am the guy who always has a mysterious friend saving him from harms way. If you say you love me I treat you like I was a cat. I leave when there is no food. If you accept me I love you. Oh yeah I've been a male escort, barista, graphic designer. I have also been a construction worker. (Village people joke) I want to be a roboticist.Through all this I met alot of cool people and I can say that I am always confident of my true school ways. Cool people like the Gay Emperor of Seattle I like fashion I prefer synthetic clothes (I don't like plastic though) All that aside I am a very accepting person and I have alot of love in my heart. Hey did you know I was a democratic delegate in the State of New Jersey? Aside from that strange episode in my life I am really non-trusting of politics and religion I will talk about them though if it interests anyone. The idea is you have to take the red pill and blue pill. Meaning I go with the flow and against the grain of life at the same time all the time.I don't think of it as a compromise I think of it as a compensation for all of society's empty fears and hopes.